Women’s Wellness


My hope for this page is that it becomes a place for women to check-in and rebalance, refresh and connect. So settle in and stay a while. You’re with your people. It all started when I decided to turn my focus towards a dream that I’ve been entertaining for a while.

It started as an idea. Then it grew. And grew. And it sat on my shoulders, poking and prodding, asking for some attention. Then it jumped into my head and I began taking it a little more seriously… This thing, this itch, just wasn’t going away. It’s been rolling around in my head, knocking on the corners of my brain for almost two years.

Then, when I decided to consciously put my antennas up and look for opportunities around me to make it a reality – boy, did the universe answer. Things (and I mean all the things) started to fall into place and in December 2015 I became a part of The WellGrounded Life Certification Program for Women’s Wellness Educators. This program was a commitment I knew I was ready for, and I happily graduated from the program in the spring of 2017. Not only to gain a wealth of knowledge regarding wellness, but I set out to share it and reach into the community of women who I know are (like me) looking for balance, rest, health, peace, presence, calm, nourishment, joyful movement and alignment in their lives.