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As the Founder and Creator of the Lilac Rising community, I help women who lost their moms at an early age with practical life skills they missed out on.

My mission is to help women flourish in their lives despite any setbacks or loss.

Now, for a little about my story, and how I got here… 

My mom passed away when I was 7 years old. My sister and I were the only girls in school that experienced such a drastic loss that summer, and going back to school was hard. My mom was involved – a teacher, a PTA mom, she was always at school and everyone knew her.

Classmates asked where she was. I didn’t know how to respond.

Two years of my elementary school life are completely blanked out.

Growing up I had few female role models to look up to. Someone to teach me the ropes of life.

At some point in my preteen years, I took it upon myself to learn and I became a child scientist.

I observed, adopted, and tested different life skills from other adult females.

I was blessed to have a stepmom who came into my life respectfully as a friend, more than a mom.

I made other women “unofficial mentors” in my head.

I silently watched my friends’ moms to fill in any missing gaps.

Even when I went to college, I learned from my roommates. I didn’t know things like, “How often do you change the sheets on your bed?”

Oprah became my TV mom. She had similar mannerisms as my mom so I listened to Oprah’s advice on relationships and self care.

As an adult, I got certified as a wellness educator because I knew I would learn all the skills I needed to care for myself.

Over time, I slowly started to get out my shell and become more confident.

My life has now come full circle.

I have been able to build a beautiful life, with a family and kids of my own.

But the truth is, I wish there was a safe program or mentor out there back then to teach me the skills I needed to thrive.

Because of this, I now feel compelled to help other women flourish in their own lives too, despite any setbacks and loss.

You no longer have to let your past define you. We can move forward together.

I help women tackle life skills they didn’t get growing up, create an uplifting environment to move forward in life, and create positive connections with others.

Let’s do this.

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