I Made It

I made it.
This weekend my youngest turned 8 years old.
And I lived to see it.

You see, my mom passed away when I was 7 and my sister was 9.
I’ve had a mental milestone in my head since my boys were born, of seeing them reach 8 and 10.

Just make it to see 8 and 10.

Holding my breath until they were 8 and 10… and now they are just that.

8 and 10

They have officially had me in their lives longer than I had my mother in mine.


Because I MADE IT.

Every day after this is icing on the cake.

But why do I still feel like my body is a ticking timebomb?
And why is my mind now waiting for the other shoe to drop?

42… that is the new mental milestone.
Live to see 42.
Hope my body doesn’t betray me before then.  
Make it to 42… because she didn’t.

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